Фотоепилация IPL, Дамско и Мъжко Подстригване, Фотоподмладяване, Фотоподмладяване, Маникюр и педикюр

Our current DEALS are…


Recreational therapy with a mask or with an ampoule hair care 5 lv.

Hair Cuts (short, medium hair) + dying with ORO + blow dry (paying 5-10 lv less than usual price)

46 lv.
Recreational therapy with infrared press hair + hair cut (the hair cut is a bonus) 25 lv.
Hair cut ( short, medium hair) + hairstyle with a press or a curler tool (paying 5 lv less than usual)  39 lv.
Highlights + blow dry  short  hair 35 lv.


Full legs + ultra Brazilian 30 lv.

Face massages + applying a mask

25 lv.

Upper lip (paying 5  lv less than usual) 15  lv.
Chin (paying  5  lv less than usual) 15  lv.
Underarms (paying 30 lv less than usual) 30 lv.
Underarms + Brazilian (paying 90 lv less than usual) 90 lv.
Half legs( lower legs) (paying 90 lv less than usual) 90 lv.
Brazilian (paying 80 lv less than usual) 80 lv.
Full legs (paying 450 lv less than usual) 450 lv.