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Rejuvenating treatment mask or ampoule – 5 bgn.

Cuts + coloring(Keune) + drying the short and medium hair – 46 bgn.Drying + braid hair- 15 bgn.

Infrared therapy mask+ cuts – 25 bgn.

Cuts + hair with curling iron or press – 39 bgn.

Hair highlights + drying  short  hair- 35 bgn.


Upper Up – 15 BGN.

Chin – 15 BGN.

Underarms – 30 BGN.

Underarms + brazilian – 90 BGN.

Half feet – 90 BGN.

Brazillian – 80 BGN.

Full legs – 450 BGN.



Working time & Phones

MONDAY – FRIDAY – 10 – 19 h.

SATURDAY – 10 – 18 h.


Phone +359 32 67 68 67

Mobile +359 878 67 60 64

We are working with KEUNE & Oro products

Keune products

There are several that should be perfect in our life. Beautiful hair is one of them. When take the right hair products, you can enter the day with a big smile.

Keune Color – Amazing nourishment, amazing glamour and perfect coverage. KEUNE products offers you full gamut of shiny hair dyes for your hair and products with natural color to beautiful fashion shades.

  •  Extreme nourishing
  •  Healthy scalp for healthy and shiny hair
  • Plant extracts and essential minerals
  • So pure – pure organic product line
  • Male curative series with essential minerals
  • Styling and care ideal for any style
  • Perfect coverage
  •  Full gamut of shiny colors
  •  Natural tones and shades

Keune Design – contains a palette of styling and care products ideal for any style. The Keune Care line is the most suitable solution for any scalp and hair problem because the soothing, healthy scalp provides healthy and shiny hair. So pure – With a pure organic range based on plant extracts and essential minerals, Care Line Man – male curative series with essential minerals.


Color Keratin ORO PURO

Golden Series with Argan Oil. Keratin hair treatment with color without ammonia. ОRO Therapy is a professional keratin paint, golden microparticles, argano and ammonia-free cypress oil designed for maximum white-coat, hydration, protection, restoration and brilliant shine.

Ivonne Beauty Salon is working with Color Keratin ORO PURO

  • Argan oil
  •  Cypress oil
  • Without ammonia
  • Golden microparticles
  • Brilliant shine
  •  Withou ammonium
  •  With Keratin
  •  Golden series