Photoepilation – IPL

IPL hair removal treatment offers an effective long-term removal of unwanted hair using intense pulse light. The photo light penetrates through the skin surface and it produces light which destroys the hair follicle so that to reach constant hair lose and to stop the process of producing new hair.

In contrast to the lasers which emit a particular and fixed wavelength of light, IPL technology treats with more than one wavelength of light, providing a spectrum of length. The advantage is the transmission gel which protects the skin of damages and reduces the pain.

For more information:

Price list - women

Upper lip 20 lv
Chin 20 lv
Jaw 40 lv
Cheeks 40 lv
Bottom parts 90 lv
Neck 50 lv
Underarms 60 lv
Chest 70 lv
Nipples 5 lv per pulse
Belly line 20 lv
Full belly 80 lv
Back 80-150 lv
Waist 80 lv
Bikini 60 lv
Pubis 60 lv
Brazilian 120 lv
Half legs(lower legs) 180 lv
Half arm wrist – elbow 80 lv
Half arm elbow – shoulder 60 lv
Full legs 550 lv
Full body ( without face) 1500 lv

Price list - men

Beard line 40 lv
Ears 30 lv
Neck 80 lv
Chest 200 lv
Full belly 150 lv
Shoulders 130 lv
Back 250 lv
Waist 100 lv
Wrist/feet 40 lv
Bottom parts 200 lv
Half arms wrist – elbow 160 lv
Half arms elbow – shoulder 160 lv
Full legs 750 lv