Acne treatment

Acne occurs when sebum is unable to leave the skin because a hair follicle is blocked. This may result in growth of bacteria below the surface of the skin. Inflammation can occur and hurt the surface of the skin and leave a scar.

Ellipse treatment follows the medical prescription and it is clinically proved for a quick result in the healing process for acne.

How does Ellipse treatment work on acne? Ellipse treatment works by directing pulses of light into the epidermis. The light is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood vessels that feed the sebaceous glands.

Combining the proven advantages of the IPL therapy, the system provides a special way of treatment for those who are not please with the results.

One procedure is applied every week in a period of two months.

We recommend three procedures in every 40 days with photo spray if you experience active acne problems or scars after acne.

Price list

Forehead 20BGN.
Forehead and cheek-bones 30BGN.
Т – zone 50BGN.
Full face 100BGN.
Neck and neck line 100BGN.
Full face, neck and neck line 150BGN.