Manicures and pedicures

Ivonne Beauty Salon Plovdiv offers a range of colors that would make the vision of your nails attractive to anyone.

For long lasting manicure with various and incredible colors combining the strength of the gel and the elasticity of the polish in the innovative UV3 technology. With the help of Bluesky UV polish, your manicure will be perfect and will last more than 14 days. The hard and elastic layer polish protects your nails of damages and nail injuries.

Manicure with Shellac

Мanicures – гел лак + removing 25 lv
Manicure гел лак + removing decoration 27 lv
Manicure гел лак + removing 10 decorations 30 lv
Pedicure гел лак + removing 35 lv
Pedicure гел лак + removing + decoration 35 lv
Removing гел лак 5 lv
Basic hand polishing гел лак 15 lv
Basic feet polishing гел лак 15 lv

Price list

Basic manicure 15 lv
Basic manicure with decoration 0 lv
Men’s manicure 10 lv
Manicure without polishing 10 lv.
Polishing 6 lv
French polishing 8 lv
A nail change 3 lv
Pedicure without polishing 20 lv
Pedicure with polishing 25 lv
Pedicure with decoration 0 lv
Special pedicure 30 lv