Cosmetic products

Highly effective natural cosmetic products from a top rate. The products are created in the spirt of the best world leading tendency to harmonise the person with the nature.

For achieving a young, smooth, hydrogen and shiny skin – products are rich in high effective elements, perfect for the fight with skin aging. They are ideal for deep stretch and reducing the wrinkles.

Price list

Face cleaning 30 lv
Face massage 20 lv
Eyebrows cleaning 5 lv
Men’s eyebrow cleaning 8 lv
Iontophoresis 5 lv
D’arsonval 5 lv
Face massage + applying mask 25 lv


Full legs 20 lv
Half legs 15 lv
Full arms 12 lv
Half arms 8 lv
Underarms 6 lv
Bikini (regular) 10 lv
Bikini ( Brazilian) 15 lv
Upper lip 3 lv
Sides of face, whiskers 5 lv
Belly 6lv
Waist 8 lv
Beard 5lv.


Full legs 25 lv
Half legs 15 lv
Full arms 15 lv
Half arms 10 lv
Underarms 7 lv
Neck 5 lv
Cheek bones 5 lv
Belly and chest 26 lv
Sides of face, whiskers 5 lv
Back 20 lv
Waist 10 lv