New! Microblading - the brand new name for perfect eyebrows with Phibrows

It is a well known fact that the eyebrows are the framе of the face and the perfect shape enhances our eyes even more. They are incredibly important for the overall emission of the face. It is not a coincidence that every year the most trending fashion designers change their shape while aiming towards a more natural look. In case your eyebrows don’t have the right form, with a partial or complete absence of hair growth for medical or other reasons, to your assistance comes the new Japanese technique for drawings little hairs on your eyebrows.

How does the Microblading technique work and what is the difference between it and the well known permanent makeup?

The Japanese technique for drawing hairs on the eyebrows is the perfected method to the well known permanent makeup for eyebrows. The difference between both techniques is big, on the one hand in the execution of the procedure itself and on the other, the end result.
The microblading technique is an entirely manual method, in which micro lashes are used. With their help, pigment is introduced into the skin, thereby drawing multiple single hairs. When a machine isn’t used, the pressure when working on the skin is well controlled and this allows the work to be on an epidermal level. And this is where the main differences between the two methods come through. The pain of this procedure is minimal, the healing timing of the treated area is around 10 days, and the final results are some exceptionally natural eyebrows. The pigments used are made of glycerin base. They are sterile, nontoxic and hypoallergenic. They are produced in Germany, exclusively for Phibrows.

What is the duration of the procedure and for who is it suitable?

The microblading technique is a procedure, that is performed in 2 stages within a month. It is necessary for a correction or the so-called retouch to be done after around 30 days to solidify the first results. The duration depends mainly on the type of skin of the client. The best and most durable results are seen on people with dry skin. On oily skin the results are shorter lasting. But overall, the duration of the procedure is up to a year and a half or two. Refreshment of the color is recommended once a year. The procedure isn’t recommended to people with problematic or too oily skin, with acne, seborrheic dermatitis or keratosis. It also isn’t recommended to pregnant women or during breastfeeding.

How does the procedure work and how much time does it take?

Before proceeding to perform the procedure it is necessary to have a detailed consultation with the client. He receives the full information for the procedure accompanied by an accurate description of the necessary needs for the treated area , which he must accomplish within the next 10 days. The desired shape of the eyebrows is specified. We should also mention that specially designed for Phibrows instruments are used, which help for the precise compliance of the right shape of the eyebrows according to the face, the nose and the eyes. After measuring the symmetry we proceed to drawing with a pencil and approving of the suitable form. The next stage is testing the pigments against the color or your hair, so we are able to choose the most suitable one. Only then the actual procedure starts and the eyebrow shading. The whole procedure takes about a half an hour and goes almost with a complete absence of pain. After its completion there is a slight redness of the skin which usually goes away for about 30-40 mins.

Price of Microblading: 300 lv with a retouch